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Novel Excerpt - Signifying Nothing

The space of the virtual

Thursday May 20th 2019

Categories: Pop, Boxing, Transcript

Ladies and Gentlemen a very good evening to you and welcome to the Zenith Hall in Toronto Ontario as we present the featured round of the evening brought to you by Ataraxia starring Bill Murray in Theatres March 15th, Dion5 the official beer of boxing, Tyrell Corp. the official sponsor of Dialectical Rope-a-Dope, ‘15 minutes to the perfect replicant.’ This bout is sanctioned by the wbc the president Bartleby Mike along with the Ontario state athletic commission chairman Nicole Beepee the third Judges at ringside Meletus Brookman, Antyus Linetti and Lycon westfeld. All right fans, here we go with a bout you’ve all been waiting for: 12 rounds of boxing for the wbc and dialectical heavy weight championship of the world and now ladies and gentlemen in attendance and boxing fans joining us around the world live from the Zenith Hall in Toronto it’s time for the main event of the evening *bell rings* Introducing to you first the wbc title holder in the yellow corner at 6ft 1in wearing black trunks proudly representing Edmonton Alberta Canada he weighed in at 219 pounds the Canadian free speech activist who is undefeated in his campaign in the professional ranks with a tremendous record of 34 wins no losses 2 draws with 27 big wins coming by knockout here is the acclaimed knockout artist the undefeated hard hitting reigning and defending wbc objectivist heavyweight champion of the world introducing the Red Lobster Dr. Gordon Stephenson!!!!!!

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