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Green Geometric Shapes


Welcome to my design portfolio! With expertise in Conversation Design, Interactive Prototyping, UX Design, and UX Copy, I specialize in creating engaging digital experiences. Let's collaborate to craft intuitive interfaces and compelling bots that captivate users and elevate your brand.


Single Perceptron Neural Network in Python

Implementation of a neural network with a single perceptron and one input node for simple linear regression with forward and backwards propagation. 

Crypto-Trading Platform in C++

A comprehensive project that develops a crypto currency exchange in C++ from scratch allowing for trading, bidding, exchange and all the other functionalities available in an exchange. 


Unity Game development in C#

My foray into game development, covering essential C# concepts tailored for Unity. 

Monte Carlo Simulations in C

This project is an educational powerhouse, offering hands-on learning opportunities in array manipulation, memory management, and rigorous testing. The odds of winning a hand in a game of poker using Monte Carlo Simulations. 


Wix Code Patches

While working on this wysiwyg platform, I noticed the need for several custom code patches that are needed in order to solve some longstanding issues. I maintain a repo of these fixes for easy access by other users.

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